Crazy Eights Math club

Encourages students to have fun with math.

Peer Mediators

This organization is comprised of 6th grade peer mediators. These mediators are trained to provide students the opportunity to resolve their conflicts through a specific process.

Safety Patrol

The Highlands Safety Patrol is comprised of fifth and sixth graders to assist students in crossing the street safely. A rotating schedule is developed between classrooms.  Specific information will be provided during the school year.

Service Club

The Highlands/Odyssey Service Club provides an opportunity for students to be involved in service projects for their school and community.  The focus is on planning and promoting activities that foster school spirit as well as providing school and community services.

Science & Math Club

Intermediate students explore science and math activities after school.

Forensics Club

SciPi Club

Focusing on math and science.

Roar/Soar Progam